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"Best Sounding Audio Player"

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Spider Player is the best sounding audio player around. It also has the ability to rip cds, converter audio files as well as being able to play almost every type of audio file around. The best feature besides the quality of sound itself, is the equalizer which is present for certain types of music. Say your listening to Three Days Grace and want it to sound more like the sound it should. Just adjust the equalizer to "metal" and you will get the sound you prefer. Lady GaGa just set the equalizer on "dance".

The downside is it also lacks some features others have. It doesn't have a "Now Playing" feature that allows others on your Instant Messenger list to know what your listening to. You can't auto tag any of your audio files either. There are no true plugins. The only thing it really has in form of plugins are skins and to get them to work is confusing for a novice.

If you don't need any of the things it lacks like the "Now Playing" feature then this is the best Audio Player around for it's sound and equalizer. If you want the things it lacks, either find another audio player like Winamp or just use other software that has the features it doesn't while using Spider Player for the sound quality.

I myself use this player when sound is all that matters. And I use Winamp, iTunes, MediaMonkey and dBpowerAMP Music Converter to cover the rest. Try Spider Player yourself, but to get the best quality sound use either a cd or use WAV files to maximize the sound. FLAC and Apple Lossless work well too.

  • Great Quality Sound
  • Free
  • Preset Equalizer
  • No Now Playing Feature
  • No Auto Tagging Feature
  • Complex To Change Appearance.

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07 Jul 2010

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  1. Still one of the best music players